Tech specs for the Nvidia Tegra 4 has been leaked

Nvidia is expected to present the next-generation Tegra chipset for mobile devices, during the upcoming CES. The new Tegra 4 processor, codenamed “Wayne”, will also be released as a SoC version, codenamed “Grey”.

It’s expected to be based on ARM Cortex A15 cores and include four of those, as well as a companion core to take on more simple and less power-demanding tasks, to reserve energy. So, this is a “4+1” type chip.

It will also integrate a GeForce GPU, with 6 times more shader cores than the Tegra 3 (it’s rumored to integrate 72 shader processors). Using this kind of power, it will be able to execute 1440p (2560x1440 pixels) full hardware video encoding / decoding, and output 1080p video at 120 MHz, with a maximum resolution of 4K (3820x2160 pixels).

Source : ChipHell

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