Rumor mill: HTC working to release Windows RT tablets in 2013

A report posted by Bloomberg news agency, talks about HTC working on new 7 and 12 inch tablets, that run on Windows RT and which we will see in 2013.

Sources for this report, claim that these tablets will feature Qualcomm processors and they will possibly show up in store shelves during the third quarter in 2013. Is this rumor credible? We could not well know.

What we do know however, is that HTC makes a real effort in the tablets front, and if they make it, they will be the first company to present a 7-inch Windows model, which no other company has done until now.

Of course, if this has any hope of succeeding, it will have to feature an affordable price to justify the purchase of a 7-inch tablet, by a large number of people who want neither Android or iOS. Will they make it? We’ll have to see.

Sources : Bloomberg, Gizmodo

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