Welcome to Pyongyang: North Korea made their first videogame

“Welcome to Pyongyang” is the first online videogame out of North Korea, and this is news in itself. It’s an absolutely boring driving game, according to Business Insider’s Gus Lubin, who tried it, that looks quite like Crazy Taxi, but not quite, and its sole purpose is to test your driving skills.

The game was developed by Nosotek, the first and only IT company, created by western investors in North Korea. Good for them. The game is quite punishing, as if you crash into three other vehicles, an bossy lady shows up and notifies you that you have been pulled over for reckless driving.

Boring? Yes. It’s just we were under the impression that when you crash in Pyongyang, the measures taken by authorities are probably more strict than the appearance of a bossy lady. A lot more strict, in fact.

Source : BGR

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