Rumors about the release of a 10-inch Windows RT tablet by Nokia heats up again

Rumors about Nokia manufacturing a Windows 8/RT tablet stopped going around the internet last October, since the company made known that something like this was not part of their plans.

However, according to Digitimes, Nokia seems to be taking another look at this possibility. It is said that they are already during the process of finding partners in order to manufacture a 10-inch Windows RT tablet.

Companies they talk to, include Microsoft, of course, for their Windows RT operating system, and Qualcomm, for a CPU and SoC, which incidentally is also the company Microsoft will prefer for their 2nd generation Surface with Windows RT.

There is also Compal Electronics, a particularly competent manufacturer that take it upon themselves to carry out manufacturing contracts for ultrabooks, notebooks and tablets.

It’s rumored that Nokia will quite possibly demonstrate their new Windows RT tablet with a 10-inch screen, in late February as well, during Mobile World Congress.


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