Farewell to the DSLR that changed video recording: the Canon 5D Mark II

Is there an expiration date to a product that affected its respective industry that much? Apparently so, as according to CanonRumors, the Canon 5D Mark II has now been categorized as an outdated product by the japanese company, and is no longer available for sale on the american website.

The Canon 5D Mark II may not have been the first DSLR enabling users to record video (the Nikon D90 was the first) but it was the DSLR that enabled us to record high quality video and take advantage of the maximum ISO settings, for a price and with such features that left many dedicated camcorders lagging behind.

It’s the camera that really brought quality to video one could make with a budget-friendly DSLR, and creators used it to make clips, documentaries, commercials or entire movies.

With the Mark III, Canon certainly moved forward in terms of features and improved picture quality, but the Mark II, no matter if its production stopped, is still a budget-friendly DSLR with a body that can host a series of lenses, making high definition picture more accessible to everyone.

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